WHAT DO YOU DO FOR RED AND ITCHY EYES? -  Eo3  Educate, Empower, Enjoy  
In the past few weeks we have had several instances when someone in the house would have itchy eyes.  I had heard that lavender above the brow and down the cheek bone would help.  We tried it and had great results.  Then this morning my oldest son came to breakfast with really red and itchy eyes.  As a mom the first thing I think of is pink eye.  I have no idea if he had pink eye, but I remembered seeing in my Essential Oil pocket reference book pink eye the other day.  So I looked it up and it had several recommendations.  I placed a little olive oil on my finger and added a drop of  the lavender, I then placed it around his brow and cheek bone, told him to keep his eyes closed while I finished breakfast.  By the time breakfast was over, eyes no longer red and itchy.  Amazing.  I just checked again and still white eyes.

EDUCATE:      Essential Oils Pocket reference: Under EYE DISORDERS then Pink Eye.  Recommendations:  Myrrh, lavender.
Applications/Usage:  Inhalation:  diffuse choice oil at night while sleeping.  Topical:   Apply drops diluted 20/80 in a wide circle around the eye 1-3 times daily, being careful not to get any oil in the eyes or on the eyelids.  This may also help with puffiness.
Note:  If essential oils should ever accidently get into the eyes, dilute with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex or other pure vegetable oil.  NEVER RINSE WITH WATER.  

EMPOWER:  Use lavender oil for itchy eyes from allergies or unknown causes.  No need to put any type of drops in  your eyes and no need for a prescription.

ENJOY:  The smell of lavender in the air and no red and itchy eyes.

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