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Yesterday was a fun day for me.  I love to learn and I was blessed to sit next to my mom and learn about essential oils all day long.  The afternoon topic was Women's Health.  It was very informative and hope to share more information on it in the near future.  They had a book table set up and so many books to choose from.  I really wanted the Essential Oil Desk Reference, but budget comes first so it will have to wait.  However, I was able to get the Essential Oils pocket reference and it is full of information.  In the past I found all my information on-line or from booklets that I had rec'd.  This reference book allows me to go straight to an oil or to my favorite section Personal Usage.  For instance HEADACHE, it has information on causes of headaches, studies that used essential oils and acetaminophen.  Recommendations for single essential oils, blends, and serums.  Each topic has an Application and Usage area and then divides up headaches into types of headaches:  Migraines, Sinus, Tension.  I can tell you this book and I will be spending lots of time together in the near future.  
9/2/2011 03:18:57

These are my favorite books - the EODR was my Christmas present to myself last year! Does your mom use the oils too? Was this a class you were at? I'd be interested in learning more!

9/2/2011 05:52:01

My mom signed up at the workshop that Max and Karen Hopkins did a few weeks ago. It was very good. Learned a ton. I have lots of ideas for classes, just need TIME.


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